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The Next Generation Of License Plate Recognition.

AlertVU™ License Plate Recognition System will help you capture more evidence and solve more cases, making it one of the most reliable license plate recognition systems in the nation.  This powerful tool is pivotal for tracking down vehicles and individuals associated with a crime.

Capture More Plates. Solve More Cases.

With AlertVU™,  thousands of plates can be processed improving your organizations efficiency and safety. Our system adds additional eyes in the field to track down suspects by generating and managing hotlists of warrants, crimes and suspects. It can automatically provide agency-wide alerting or target specific officers to identify and make them aware of suspicious behaviors or patterns.

AlertVU: One System, Three Powerful Solutions.

LAlertVU™ Automatic License Plate Recognition system for fixed, portable and mobile applications help capture license plate information to help keep our communities safe.


  • State of the Art Plate Recognition Technology
  • Remote Management and Communication
  • Location Mapping
  • Constant Scanning: Thousands of Plate Reviews and Reports


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Features & Functions

Advanced License Plate Recognition Technology

Capture plates at highway speeds and at sharp angles across multiple lanes of traffic.

Integrated Back-Office

With the most comprehensive and functional Back Office solution available, all License Plate Recognition (LPR) units can be aggregated, searched and historically analyzed.

Interagency Data Sharing

Effortlessly share data with any relevant local and national law enforcement agency involved.

Investigative Analytics

Identify patterns of activity and customize analytic searches whenever APBs, BOLOs and Amber Alerts roll in.

Flexible Mounting

Mount on front grilles, lightbars, special events, etc. - with AlertVU, we've got you covered.

Instant Alerts

Give law enforcement and security patrols the heads-up on suspect vehicles in the area with up-to-the-minute data from APBs, BOLOs and Amber alerts.

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