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Server Based Digital Evidence Storage Solutions

Mobile-Vision is the thought-leader in Digital Evidence Management.

Our Digital Evidence Management Solution can fit every agency’s size and budget.
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Digital Evidence Pro (DEP): Scalable Networked Solution

The Digital Evidence Pro is a server-class, network-based system, with embedded features and functions that make it unique and unmatched in the industry.

The agency has the ability to securely access the evidence from any network-connected PC through a simple web browser and without special client PC software. The functions are designed to be simple and intuitive and the system contains the ability to perform a simple search for any video based on a number of search criteria.

Digital Evidence Viewer (DEV): Stand Alone Workstation

The DEV is the standalone workstation version of our evidence management solution, particularly popular with fleets less than 20 vehicles.

As with all the Mobile-Vision solutions, it supports wireless uploading and the web-based interface is easy to navigate and intuitive.

The solution contains its own secure log-in, a simple to use key data search/access capability and versatile player, it also contains an embedded chain of custody module.


  • Evidence Management System – not just video
  • Simple search and retrieval capabilities
  • Simple search interface makes searching for evidence easy
  • Secure access to all content from any network-connected device


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Features & Functions

Case Module

Manage all digital evidence in one convenient location

Essentially Any Format

Multiple videos from your digital in-car recording, digital photos from the crime scene, even interview videos

Digital Case Evidence Warehouse

Not just in-car video! Photos, soundtracks, scans and documents. A Rich Media warehouse

Stored Securely

Automated file ingestion, encryption, unique IDs, firewalls, complete activity tracking and reporting

Stored Safely

Media evidence storage for the ultimate in file security, long-term archiving and disaster recovery

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