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Constant Monitoring With Fixed LPR.

Our Fixed LPR system can be installed virtually anywhere and reads plates at varying angles and lighting conditions, even in total darkness, including reading plates from the outermost lanes of traffic.




  • Real-Time Smart Alerts
  • Captures Plates From The Outermost Lanes Of Traffic
  • Remote System Management
  • Reads Plates At Varying Angles And Lighting Conditions

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Features & Functions

Advanced License Plate Recognition Technology

Capture plates at highway speeds and at sharp angles across multiple lanes of traffic.

Integrated Back-Office

With the most comprehensive and functional Back Office solution available, all License Plate Recognition (LPR) units can be aggregated, searched and historically analyzed.

Interagency Data Sharing

Effortlessly share data with any relevant local and national law enforcement agency involved.

Investigative Analytics

Identify patterns of activity and customize analytic searches whenever APBs, BOLOs and Amber Alerts roll in.

Instant Alerts

Give law enforcement and security patrols the heads-up on suspect vehicles in the area with up-to-the-minute data from APBs, BOLOs and Amber Alerts.

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