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Keeping track of your fleet has never been easier than with PatrolScout™ from L-3 Mobile-Vision. Our map-centric, real-time situational awareness solution lets you see what’s happening, when it’s happening, all from your office. PatrolScout gives you live, streaming video of your fleets’ Flashback in-car video system, vehicle location and tracking tools, information access settings, and much more, all in an intuitively organized interface that you can manage and operate remotely. And if a critical incident occurs, PatrolScout gives you the ability to respond more quickly and effectively than ever before.

PatrolScout Provides Broad Accessibility

Implementation is simple. Through virtually any 3G/4G network-connected device, including LAN/WAN-connected office PCs, dispatch monitors, smartphones and tablets, you can access the live scene from anywhere.

Additionally, PatrolScout uses your existing cellular infrastructure and is a small but powerful add-on to the Flashback’s already impressive list of capabilities with no effect on your existing hardware footprint..

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  • Enhance officer safety through improved situational awareness
  • Access through any network-connected device
  • PC/dispatch monitors, in-car MDCs, SmartPhones and Tablets
  • Remote video monitoring of the patrol fleet through the 3G/4G cell networks
  • Simple fleet organizational grouping


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Features & Functions

Anytime, Anywhere

Connect through any network-connected device from office PC/dispatch to in-car mobile (MDCs) to smartphones

Google Map Integration

Vehicle locations displayed using Google Maps™ for AVL

Remote Monitoring

Remove video monitoring of the patrol fleet through three the 3G/4G cell network

One-Click Vehicle Locator

Instantly locate any vehicle with the click of a mouse and continuously auto-track a critical vehicle for easy monitoring.

Watch-Me Alerts

Flag viewers to a situation with vehicle emergency watch-me alert

Map and Video Views

Targeted information display toggles between map-centric view and video-centric views - all at the click of a button