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Live Streaming for Complete Situational Awareness

Managing your fleet has never been easier than with PatrolScout™ from Mobile-Vision. Our map-centric, real-time situational awareness solution lets you see a live, streaming feed of what’s happening, when it’s happening, from anywhere with a network connection. PatrolScout works through your fleets’ current Flashback in-car video system and comes with features such as vehicle location and GPS monitoring tools, information access settings, emergency situation alerts, and much more, all in a secure, intuitively organized interface that you can manage and operate remotely. With all of this, PatrolScout gives you the ability to monitor and respond to critical incidents more quickly and effectively than ever before.

A Truly Portable Mobile Command Center

Implementation is simple and secure. Through virtually any 3G/4G network-connected device, including LAN/WAN-connected office PCs, dispatch monitors, smartphones and tablets, you can access the live scene from anywhere with our password-protected software.

Additionally, PatrolScout uses your existing cellular infrastructure and is a small but powerful add-on to the Flashback’s already impressive list of capabilities with no effect on your existing hardware footprint.


  • Enhance officer safety through improved situational awareness
  • Access through any network-connected device
  • PC/dispatch monitors, in-car MDCs, SmartPhones and Tablets
  • Remote video monitoring of the patrol fleet through the 3G/4G cell networks
  • Simple fleet organizational grouping


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Features & Functions

Anytime, Anywhere

Connect through any network-connected device from office PC/dispatch to in-car mobile (MDCs) to smartphones

Google Map Integration

Vehicle locations displayed using Google Maps™ for AVL

Remote Monitoring

Remote video monitoring of the patrol fleet through three the 3G/4G cell network

One-Click Vehicle Locator

Instantly locate any vehicle with the click of a mouse and continuously auto-track a critical vehicle for easy monitoring.

Watch-Me Alerts

Flag viewers to a situation with vehicle emergency watch-me alert

Map and Video Views

Targeted information display toggles between map-centric view and video-centric views - all at the click of a button

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