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The VIEVU™ body-worn video camera

The VIEVU enables hands-free video and audio recording of any activity or incident from the public safety individual’s perspective.

Because it is officer-specific, VIEVU provides documented accountability for each individual, no matter where they need to go to do their job.

Enhances Evidence Accuracy

Add additional video evidence beyond in-car video, build multiple layers of digital evidence and gain increased accuracy while minimizing liability or concerns for potential lawsuits or complaints.

VIEVU wearable video cameras improve efficiency of documentation and reduce time wasted on written reports.


  • Color video with improved low-light capability and enhanced image quality
  • Digital signature software security
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Tri-clip design for multiple attachments
  • Waterproof
  • Low memory and battery LED indicator
  • Easy-slide On/Off switch that also protects the lens


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Features & Functions

Smart Equipment

Enables law enforcement to capture a situation safely, easily and in real-time

Secure Storage

Capture, manage, store, convict

Ease of Use

Simply slide the On/Off lens protector and capture video and sound

Mobile and Lightweight

Easily fits into an officer's shirt pocket. Sleek, lightweight and unobtrusive to a situation.

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