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License plate recognition (LPR) software has come a long way in recent years. Initial software was not always accurate and led to many issues, but new and improved technology from companies like L-3 Mobile-Vision has changed the way law enforcement handles crime and even standard traffic stops. A license plate recognition system gives your officers the upper hand in the fight against crime thanks to the ability to track, record and store license plate information in one centralized location. If you are considering LPR software for your department or would simply like to learn more about how it works and why it can be helpful to officers, take a look at the following information:

How Does License Plate Recognition Software Work?

License plate recognition software consists of complex algorithms that help identify license plates in various scenarios. Even if a vehicle is traveling at great speeds and visibility is limited, your license plate recognition software will work with your in-car video (ICV) camera to identify the plate number. The database will be vast, but the LPR is sophisticated and can identify plates that are associated with warrants for serious crimes or even multiple unpaid parking tickets within seconds. The camera will constantly scan the traffic around the police cruiser in order to locate potential threats or criminals with warrants out for their arrest.

The Benefits of LPR

Identify Potential Threats

Safety is paramount when officers are on patrol. License plate recognition software can identify a potential threat in order to keep officers safe. If an officer is aware of a potentially dangerous person on the road, he or she can take the necessary precautions, such as calling for backup, when engaging that threat.

Adding to the Database

By constantly scanning traffic or recording license plates during incidents on the road, officers are assisting one another and making their jobs easier. If a vehicle is involved in a traffic violation for instance, that license plate will be registered in the database as an offender. Then, the next time that vehicle is involved in an incident, an officer will know about the prior incident well in advance of engaging the driver. A larger database of license plates will mean a safer road for officers and average citizens alike. The software can even scan multiple plates concurrently as an officer navigates through busy streets.

More Cameras Mean Less Crimes

The simple fact that there are more cameras being used by law enforcement is a big factor in the prevention of crime worldwide. The more that Licence Plate Recognition software and cameras are utilized in the field, the less people will be willing to commit a crime. When the potential for successful crimes is significantly reduced, the incentive to commit a crime is also greatly reduced.

LPR Software From L-3 Mobile-Vision

L-3 Mobile-Vision provides officers with more than just equipment. What L-3 Mobile-Vision really provides are solutions for police departments and law enforcement throughout the United States.


The AlertVU is the state-of-the-art license plate recognition system from L-3 Mobile-Vision. This software is designed for simple use and effective results and it can be integrated seamlessly with other equipment from L-3, such as the FlashbackHD in-car video system.

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