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Law enforcement organizations around the United States are choosing body cameras more and more frequently. These agencies typically range from state, city to other local municipal governments, but even college campuses are beginning to realize the importance of body cameras for police.

Eastern Michigan University Using Body Cameras for Police

Eastern Michigan University became the most recent addition to a quickly growing list of schools that are investing in body cameras for their police officers. EMU announced that it will invest $17,000 in body-worn cameras.

EMU also understands the benefits of using body cameras for police in conjunction with other technology like in-car recording systems. Video recording technology has a ton of potential, but without additional pieces to the puzzle, the full potential is not realized.

“Using the two systems together provides a more thorough and complete documentation of public contacts during our response to both critical and more routine calls for service,” executive director of public safety and chief of police at Eastern Michigan Bob Heighes said in a statement.

The university is on pace to have 43 campus officers, all of whom will be equipped with body cameras while on duty.

Advantages of Body Cameras for Police

Body cameras for law enforcement give officers a big advantage while out on patrol. For example, a university police officer may run into a variety of issues while monitoring the campus, and having a body-worn camera can validate his or her account. One big issue that frequently arises during the school year is underage drinking and potentially dangerous situations for students, as well as officers. Accounts of incidents involving inebriated underage students can frequently be misleading. With the help of body-worn cameras, a campus officer can corroborate his or her own story based on visual evidence.


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