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A new bill is being introduced that would create a task force that would in turn study the implementation of body cameras for police in the state of New Jersey. The introduction of this new bill comes after a backlash from groups like police unions and the ACLU to a different bill that would require almost all New Jersey police officers to wear body cameras.

The bill was originally introduced in response to the deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in Staten Island.

“We’re going to be introducing a bill that would establish a task force to study the implementation of body cameras for police officers. And on that task force will be representatives from the various law enforcement agencies as well as the ACLU and the NAACP and some public members,” said state Sen. Shirley Turner, who introduced both bills.

“It will be an opportunity for us to roll out a bill and a program that everybody’s going to embrace, and also take into consideration some of the things that I hadn’t given thought to,” she said.

Body Cameras for Police Can Make a Big Difference

Many police departments in New Jersey have already decided to implement body cameras for police even though there are currently no laws requiring them. Also, NJ Governor Chris Christie signed a bill into law earlier in 2014 that will require all police cruisers in the state of New Jersey to be equipped with a dashboard camera.

At L-3 Mobile-Vision, we believe that police video technology like body cameras for police and dash cams for police are not just equipment, but solutions. Our goal is to equip officers of the law with technology that helps them better serve their respective communities while protecting themselves from unnecessary danger. Police work is hard and will always present difficult situations, but a body camera can go a long way in making life a little bit safer and simpler.

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