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Why Mobile Recording Devices are Important to Police in New Mexico

As more video technology like the kind provided by L3 Mobile-Vision becomes readily available to police departments around the country, officers in New Mexico are beginning to realize its true value.

Justin Dunivan, Deputy Chief of the Las Cruces police department is particularly concerned with his officers’ ability to film everything that happens when on patrol.

“The overall goal of the agency, to ensure consistency, is to have every officer outfitted (with a camera),” Dunivan said in an article by the Las Cruces Sun-News.

“Personally, myself, I highly recommend recording everything,” he added.

The use of mobile recording devices in Las Cruces became relevant and necessary after the fatal shooting of a man by the Las Cruces police department as part of a settlement with the man’s family.

Although the LCPD learned the importance of capturing video the hard way, more and more police departments are taking note and catching on. They have begun to realize that not only does video ensure the safety of the public, but it also ensures the protection of the police department and its officers on the beat.

L3 Mobile-Vision provides mobile recording devices to police officers in various formats, including our FlashbackHD, which provides a wide 70 degree field of vision and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. This allows an officer to film incidents inside and out of his or her vehicle in any situation.

While states such as New Mexico are starting to see the upside of using video technology, states like New Jersey, where L3 Mobile-Vision is located, have been using our technology for years, and at an extremely effective rate of progress. In a study released by the ACLU, it found that Jersey City alone had collected over two million license plate reads in 2012 with the help of License Plate Recognition products like the ones provided by L3 Mobile-Vision. AlertVU uses “Intelligent Gathering” and constantly scans license plates to search for stolen vehicles and “wanted” alerts.

Don’t fall behind the times and make sure your department is equipped with the best of the best when it comes to protecting your officers and assisting your community. With over 25 years of innovative designs and a track record you can trust, L3 Mobile-Vision will supply you with every advantage in capturing video.

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