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In October, an Ocean County, NJ judge ruled that all footage recorded by dashboard cameras mounted in police vehicles to be public record. This means that the general public now has access to footage captured by police in New Jersey, making dashboard cameras even more effective in protecting the rights of citizens.

Dashboard cameras and other kinds of police video technology are designed to protect police officers from potentially dangerous situations, as well as the communities served by these officers. Opening up dash cam footage to the public increases accountability for officers.

Dash Cams Protect Officers

For an officer, there are numerous advantages to dashboard cameras. If a suspect or potential threat is aware that he or she is being recorded, violence and other potential issues are less likely to occur. Officers will also be able to corroborate their own stories if an incident does occur in the field. Untrue allegations are frequently made by people against police officers and without the benefit of high quality video and audio, it can be one person’s word against another. An officer can protect himself or herself from unfounded accusations with the held of a dashboard camera.

Dash Cams Protect the Public

If an officer acts improperly in the field, the public has the right to dispute false charges or inappropriate conduct. Video footage and audio recording helps ensure that correct protocol has been followed. When improper conduct does occur, video and audio can be a huge asset in verifying claims against law enforcement. Now that footage is available to the public, the evidence belongs to everyone, not just police departments, which should improve police accountability and boost the overall level of trust in law enforcement.

Dashboard Cameras and Other Equipment from L-3 Mobile-Vision

L-3 Mobile-Vision provides police departments with dashboard cameras, which are now required in New Jersey (link to blog post), the first state to make this mandatory. The FlashbackHD is a high-definition, in-car video camera that captures evidence for police officers. BodyVision is a new body-worn camera equipped with the latest in mobile video technology to keep officers safe.

If you purchase an in-car video system such as the FlashbackHD, you will receive one BodyVision body-worn camera free. To learn more about the special offer, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about our products or would like to purchase equipment, contact L-3 Mobile-Vision today. You can also reach us by phone at (800) 336-8475.

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