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NJ Police Body Camera Bill

A growing number of police departments around the country are adding body cameras for police to their inventory of law enforcement tools. In New Jersey, a bill was recently proposed that would require all county, state and municipal officers to wear police body cameras while on patrol.

Legislation like this further demonstrates the growing support for body cameras and all police video recording technology. At L-3 Mobile-Vision, we have always supported law enforcement with better options to protect officers and give them the ability to better protect the communities they serve.

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The proposed legislation in New Jersey comes on the heels of a bill that was signed into law requiring all patrol vehicles to have dashboard cameras equipped. New Jersey is the first state to adopt legislation requiring dashboard cameras in the United States.

“Body cameras are the next logical step in public safety,” said State Senator Donald Norcross said in a statement. “We laid the groundwork with the dashboard bill, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other states following suit. Now it’s time to get cameras on all our patrol officers.”

“I have spoken with individuals and groups on both sides of this issue, and everyone agrees — video cameras protect the police and the public alike,” Assemblyman Paul Moriarty added. “Video footage doesn’t lie. It can back up civilian claims of excessive force and abuse as easily as they can protect officers who have been wrongly accused of impropriety.”

Although New Jersey is the first state to propose legislation that would require police body cameras at all levels, other states may follow. If you are in charge of equipping your police department, consider BodyVision. Stay ahead of the conversation and equip your officers with the protection they need.

BodyVision by L-3 Mobile-Vision is convenient and easy to use. It has a 72° field of vision and can be backed up and viewed on multiple devices. Learn more about BodyVision’s benefits for law enforcement.

We designed BodyVision to make an officer’s job easier and safer. False allegations are a frequent problem. If a civilian claims that an officer has acted outside of the law, video can corroborate or disprove those claims. For an officer, video is essential for backing up his or her actions.

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