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Body-Worn Cameras Limit Liabilities for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is forever subject to potential civil liabilities and lawsuits, which need to be taken seriously. With the help of technology like body-worn cameras, law enforcement can take steps to reduce their liability. A recent study from the Office of Police Complaints in Washington D.C. shows that body-worn cameras can help improve police accountability, while cutting down on petty claims against law enforcement. Countless suits against law enforcement are filed each year in the United States.  Many of these claims […] Read More »

Massachusetts Police Department Considering Body-Worn Police Cameras

Worcester, Mass. Police Department Discussing Body-Worn Police Cameras The Worcester, Massachusetts police department is next in a growing line of police departments to turn its attention to body-worn police cameras. The department has decided to at least discuss the possibility of a pilot program for body-worn police cameras. The discussion of body-worn police cameras has grown in the wake of the death of Michael Brown in Missouri. Cities like New York, which is also dealing with its own similar controversies, […] Read More »

Eric Garner Leads Conversation to Body-Worn Police Cameras

Body-Worn Police Cameras: Eric Garner When Eric Garner died of an apparent chokehold involving an NYPD officer on Staten Island in July, the incident was caught on camera. The city medical examiner ruled that Garner’s death was a homicide, thanks, in part, to the video footage. Tragedies like these are extreme examples of why outfitting police officers with video recording equipment is a necessity. In the case of Garner, the video was not taken by police. Instead, a bystander recorded […] Read More »

NYPD to Test Body-Worn Cameras for Police

NYPD Interested in Uses for Body-Worn Cameras Video can be a valuable instrument for police officers and the communities in which they serve. New York City recently acknowledged this when a federal judge ruled last year that the NYPD must test body-worn cameras for police in certain precincts. New York police commissioner Bill Bratton is welcoming the federal judge’s ruling. He knows the value of body-worn cameras for police. Not only do they act as a police precaution, but they […] Read More »

VIEVU Testimonials

Testimonials: Why People Love VIEVU The most trustworthy sources of a product review is not from the manufacturer but from the consumers – people just like you. If you are considering purchasing VIEVU, just take a look at the statements below to learn how people are reacting: Second Nature “We are in an age where monitoring of activities, either by law enforcement or those we deal with, has become second nature. How many times have we seen a bad police […] Read More »

Why Mobile Digital Video Backup is A Necessity

Mobile Digital Video Backup: An Overview Most people know that backing up important video footage is essential considering the delicate nature of digital video. Video documentation that is exposed to extreme temperatures or the elements may be damaged or totally destroyed. In order to prevent the catastrophe of losing a valuable piece of stored information, it is obviously important to back up the information on a regular basis and store multiple copies of the documentation in separate locations. However, many […] Read More »

New Mexico Police Realizing Importance of Mobile Recording Devices

Why Mobile Recording Devices are Important to Police in New Mexico As more video technology like the kind provided by L3 Mobile-Vision becomes readily available to police departments around the country, officers in New Mexico are beginning to realize its true value. Justin Dunivan, Deputy Chief of the Las Cruces police department is particularly concerned with his officers’ ability to film everything that happens when on patrol. “The overall goal of the agency, to ensure consistency, is to have every […] Read More »

Police Video Recording Devices Needed in Cities Like L.A.

How Can Police Video Recording Devices Help Your Police Department? It happens all the time. An incident occurs between a police officer and a citizen committing a crime, but no one sees it. Or, there are various accounts of the same incident and it’s too difficult to say which party was at fault. But with the latest in police video recording devices, our police force has the advantage of concrete evidence even when none else exists. Unfortunately, not all police […] Read More »

How Body-Worn Police Cameras Could Have Helped in Ferguson

Preventing Another Ferguson: Body-Worn Police Cameras Ferguson, Missouri was a relatively unknown town prior to the recent incident between a police officer and the death of Michael Brown. What happened between the two is unclear, and the result has been an angry community turning against its police force, intense media coverage and debate over what actually happened. All that is known for certain is that Michael Brown was shot and killed. Although the facts are unclear, the answer could not […] Read More »

Give Officers an Advantage with Body-Worn Video Cameras

3 Advantages of Body-Worn Video Cameras Police officers keep us safe every day under all possible circumstances. Unfortunately, when conflicts occur police officers are sometimes left to defend themselves without the help of video evidence, and without its assistance, it can be nearly impossible to determine the actual series of events that occurred. One look at the news proves the point that police officers are in need of advanced video documentation. For instance, take the situation that recently took place […] Read More »

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