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Video Evidence Provides Protection from Lawsuits and Complaints

Over the past decade dashboard cameras and on body police equipment has flourished. Technology, such as L3 Mobile-Vision’s digital in-car video dashboard camera the Flashback3 and L3’s body-worn video camera the VIEVU, have forever changed how police officers perform their daily tasks. Although some law enforcement agencies have the latest technology available, the media and the public continue to criticize the daily actions and tactics of police officers. All the while and at a shocking rate, police officers have been assaulted, […] Read More »

Crimes Decrease with Usage of In-Car Video Cameras

With state and local police cruisers equipped with video recording devices they are protecting themselves and the community they are in. Nationally, approximately 70 percent of state police and highway patrol have some sort of in-car video camera, like the L3 Mobile-Vision Digital In-Car Video: Flashback3, installed in their vehicles. Across various countries, ordinary citizens and motorists have taken it upon themselves to purchase their own in-car video cameras to guard against insurance fraud. Protection through Exposure Having a dashboard […] Read More »

Unimpeachable Evidence from Body-Worn Camera Reinforces Officer Testimony

Today, with technology at our society’s fingertips, people need to be cautious of their behavior, actions, and what they say – at all times. Politicians, elected officials, police officers, teachers, and many others who are looked up to have, as a result of their wrongdoings, been forced out of their position. While some people are annoyed with “Big Brother” always watching, others are grateful that video footage can help penalize people who are unlawful. With that said, police officers often […] Read More »

Why You Should Invest in Video for Police Backup

A growing trend with today’s culture is to record police officers and vehemently deny any wrongdoing, even at a routine traffic stop. Because of this, police officers must be just as equipped as the individuals that they pull over. Having multiple camera angles can provide officers with obvious evidence as a police backup that proves their actions justified.   Social Media Sensations Many social media stories show police officers pulling people over for seemingly no reason. While the public’s tainted […] Read More »

Video from Dashboard Camera Paints a Concrete Picture of What Happened

On July 31, 2012 Assemblyman Paul Moriarty was dubbed a “bigwig” and viewed as a corrupt politician after he was arrested in Washington Township for driving recklessly and for driving drunk. Fortunately for Mr. Moriarty, a digital in-car video dashboard camera was installed inside the arresting police officer’s vehicle which provided proof that there was one major issue with his accusation, he was falsely accused. From the local newspapers and the local TV News who ran his story to the bloggers who […] Read More »

Upgrade Your Video Police Equipment

Police officers have an increasingly dangerous job. With rising drug use and gun violence, police offers must be prepared to face any situation, especially when they’re going it alone. When a police officer doesn’t have backup, video evidence is essential to their safety and successful apprehension of the suspect. Using high-tech police equipment, the interactions that officers have with others will be recorded and verified.   Using Dashboard Cameras  Dashboard cameras are very useful in the event of a car […] Read More »

The Benefits of Upgrading to Digital In-Car Video: Flashback3

The wide spread installations of in-car camera systems in the vehicles of law enforcement officers after the implementation of the COPS Office In-Car Camera Incentive Program has positively impacted the officers and public alike. The release of the new L-3 Mobile-Vision Digital In-Car Video: Flashback3™ marks advancement in police in-car video and cameras, as it adds a high-definition component to an already impactful line of in-car camera solutions. Here are ten things you should know about the new Digital In-Car Video: […] Read More »

The Basics of Digital Evidence Management

Basics of Digital Evidence Management Though the managing of evidence is almost unquestionably one of law enforcement’s most critical tasks, it is a notoriously overwhelming task for many police agencies. Large quantities of digital evidence and lack of funding to properly manage those videos are to blame. With L-3 Mobile-Visions’ scalable Digital Evidence Management Solution every agency whether big or small, can benefit from proper digital evidence management. The implementation of an efficient digital evidence management system does not have […] Read More »

Advanced Products Made to Aid Not Abuse

As L-3 Mobile-Vision Vice President of Business Development, Chris Kadoch once said in an interview with Dave Smith a Law Enforcement Expert, “use your technology, don’t be abused by it.” What Chris meant by this and what L-3 Mobile-Vision aims to do with all of their products, is to make sure that each system tracks everything so officers and administrators don’t have to. With products and systems that automate and retrieve everything, L-3 Mobile-Vision achieves what they call, “lifecycle evidence […] Read More »

L-3 Mobile-Vision, the Premier Provider of Public Safety

3 Ways L-3 Mobile-Vision, Inc. is the premier provider of leading edge technology platforms for public safety: 1.    L-3 Mobile-Vision provides rugged and reliable equipment. From their tougher than tough Mobile Data Computer called the V-One, which by the way, is made of: rugged cast-aluminum alloy, contains a 120GB solid-state removal drive, and has an IR touch-screen display interface that is impact resistant; to their durable yet dependable video and audio equipment such as CycleVision which is the water resistant “it device” […] Read More »

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