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State-of-the-Art License Plate Recognition System

A testimonial from an apologetic lawbreaker.. Dear L-3 Mobile-Vision,  When I first got to this country from Brazil, I didn’t quite understand all the rules, especially the road rules and regulations. You see, in my country we don’t drive much, at least where I’m from in the northern part of Brazil. And, the fact is, those who do drive don’t really follow any road rules. They drive as if there weren’t any, so when I got behind a wheel here […] Read More »

In-Car Camera Systems Anything But Useless

A testimonial from a gas station owner held at gunpoint.. Dear L-3 Mobile-Vision,  I’m a simple man. I own a chain of gasoline stations with small stores located on the same property. It’s a family owned business with a different family member manning a different gas station. It might seem like a big deal or it might not, but either way I’m just trying to keep my family going just like anyone else. That’s why I can’t quite wrap my […] Read More »

Saved With a Little Luck And a New Dashboard Camera

A testimonial from one of our satisfied customers.. Dear L-3 Mobile-Vision, As a police officer, there are stories that stick with you forever. This is the story of how my newly installed L-3 Mobile-Vision digital in-car video Flashback3 dashboard camera system helped my squad locate a missing girl. It was in the middle of one of the hottest days of a heat wave when I got the call that a child, a young girl, had gone missing from a local […] Read More »

Features Of The V-One Mobile Data Computer

A mobile data computer is a great tool for anyone in the transportation industry, specifically in the area of law enforcement. Using a mobile data computer, dispatch officers can communicate important information like maps, road conditions and route changes straight to each individual. They also offer a quick way to simultaneously relay crucial information to a group of cars at the same time. Just as importantly, you can run complex programs on the mobile data computer without worrying about problems […] Read More »

The Importance Of Having A Flashback 3 In-Car Camera

Having been in the business of producing high quality law enforcement technology devices for quite a number of years now, L-3 Mobile-Vision has always been known for their high quality equipment. They have now introduced a Flashback 3 in-car camera that is loaded with the latest in technology; one aspect of this is the ability to capture high definition video better than any other similar device in the market. This camera has 1280×720 resolution, a very useful feature that makes […] Read More »

Five Ways That License Plate Recognition Systems Improve Police Patrols

There has been a great deal of controversy as a result of the effort to fit more police cars with software systems that will improve cameras and make them able to recognize license plates. In turn, the license plate information will be ran through the Department of Motor Vehicles and then returned with any recent violations or other reasons that the driver of the car should not be on the road. Here we will take a look at five different […] Read More »

How to Create Situational Awareness with PatrolScout

What is Situational Awareness? Situational awareness is the ability to perceive your environment and what is going on around you. Being able to adapt to a constantly changing situation is very important for certain professions such as police, emergency medical services or the military. This helps them to make split second decisions using all of the available information. Good situational awareness often means the difference between success and failure of an operation. It is valuable for officers to be aware […] Read More »

How an In-Car Camera System Can Potentially Be Lifesaving

With an in-car camera system such as the L-3 Mobile-Vision Digital In-Car Video: Flashback3™ installed in agency patrol cars, officers can feel much safer about doing their job. When upgraded to an in-car camera system like Flashback3, everything that happens outside the police vehicle is filmed. While some officers may not like the idea of having on board, “Big Brother” who is watching their every move, most officers come to realize that the camera system that supports up to five […] Read More »

AlertVU Helps Officers Do Their Job

Having the right tools to do your job is one thing, but what if these same tools are able to help you assist other colleagues in doing their job as well? While it might seem farfetched, license plate recognition technology like the L-3 Mobile-Vision AlertVU™ License Plate Recognition is capable of doing all that and more. Day to day operations Using AlertVU on a daily basis is incredibly refreshing. Instead of spending your time manually keying in license plate data, you have […] Read More »

Mastering The Use Of In Car Camera Systems

In-car camera systems aren’t the newest technological innovation out there, but they are something that people use on a regular basis to really make a difference in protecting and serving the people of their community. Not only are they effective, but they give an impartial assessment of a situation, even providing some context by recording a full minute of video even before the incident takes place. A Regular Traffic Stop? For most police officers, a traffic stop is a simple, […] Read More »

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