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The Importance of Digital Evidence Management

Digital evidence management is something that all law enforcement officers should make use of. In this digital age, more information relating to numerous crimes is stored online. From data on Internet crimes to video surveillance footage; this crucial evidence needs to be handled sensitively and in an appropriate manner. The trouble is keeping on top of large amounts of digital evidence can sometimes be a nightmare. That’s when adequate management solutions such as L-3 Mobile Vision’s Digital Evidence Pro (DEP): Networked […] Read More »

What Municipalities Should Look For When Purchasing Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard cameras are an important tool for municipalities. Recently, a Legislator from New Jersey has put forward a bill that will state all newly acquired police vehicles be fitted with in-car cameras. This was down to his personal experience of being arrested for drunk driving. While the bill is designed to protect pedestrians and drivers from false accusations, it will also help to protect police too. In-car cameras provide proof of a situation and can be used in court. With so […] Read More »

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