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Crime rates in Pittsburgh, PA have been alarmingly high this year, especially in regard to the murder rate. As of mid-October 2014, the number of murders in Pittsburgh was at 59, already 13 deaths higher than all of 2013.

Police equipment, including video technology and the systems used to collect and analyze data are integral to keeping communities around the country safe. Crime prevention hinges upon a department’s ability to track down criminals, and a top-notch computer system is the best way to ensure that gets done efficiently.

Even more alarming is the number of unsolved murders in Pittsburgh. Thirty-seven of the 59 homicides were unsolved as of publication. But, there’s a new police chief in the city, partly because of these disturbing statistics, and he knows the importance of utilizing modern police equipment and technology to fight crime in the modern world.

“We have some very robust capacities for analyzing crime in the bureau,” Police Chief Cameron McLay said. “What we don’t yet have is the ability to take data, make it real time, and diffuse it through the organization so my commanders and supervisors use it to deploy resources on a day by day basis.”

Many communities are realizing the importance of technology. Unfortunately, criminals and the way in which crime is committed have changed. Law enforcement needs to adapt to this changing environment in order to create a safer community.

“Number one is technology. We haven’t upgraded, and we are behind other urban police forces in the utilization of technology to be able to break up networks,” Mayor Bill Peduto said.

Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence Management is the system that keeps everything together for law enforcement. The information, video and audio that is collected by officers needs to be collected, stored and managed by a strong management system.

L-3 Mobile-Vision provide modern police equipment and technology that offers multiple management solutions for law enforcement.

Digital Evidence Pro

The Digital Evidence Pro is a server-class, network-based system, with embedded features and functions that make it unique and unmatched in the industry.

L-3’s Digital Evidence Pro makes it incredibly easy for any police department to access evidence collected in the field. You can access the evidence through any PC connected to your network. All files can be located quickly and easily thanks to the sophisticated, yet simple search functions.

Digital Evidence Viewer

The DEV is the standalone workstation version of our evidence management solution. It is very popular with smaller police departments.

The evidence you collect needs to be stored safely, so this viewer is easy to use and completely secure. Contact L-3 Mobile-Vision for more information about how you can better organize your data.


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