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Police departments around the world are using increasingly advanced technology to fight crime and protect the communities they serve. Body-worn cameras, for instance, are being purchased and implemented at a very high rate. Equipment like a body camera can be a big asset to officers, but the full potential of these devices will not be realized without the assistance of other pieces of police video technology.

In order to make your video surveillance system more sophisticated, you need to implement equipment that works in a coordinated effort to optimize the technology. L-3 Mobile-Vision offers a variety of solutions that will work well in conjunction with one another to properly protect officers and make it easier for them to protect their designated neighborhoods.

Products From L-3 Mobile-Vision


BodyVision is the newest product from L-3 Mobile-Vision. It is a lightweight body-worn camera that easily fits on the uniform of a police officer. The camera provides HD quality video so that any incident that is captured may be clearly analyzed and even used as evidence.

Videos are downloaded quickly (two minutes or less) and can be uploaded to multiple devices, and with the help of DISPATCHER software, each individual BodyVision camera can be easily tracked and monitored.


The FlashbackHD also provides HD quality video, but this camera operates from inside the vehicle. It has a large field of vision and can rotate 365 degrees in order to see activity within the vehicle as well as outside of it.


The PatrolScout gives a police department the ability to track vehicles within its fleet in order to better manage officers. Its map-view makes it easy to see the location of vehicles at any given moment.

PatrolScout also gives a police station the ability to see what is occurring on the scene, whether it is a routine traffic stop or a possible altercation that could require backup.

These and other products from L-3 Mobile-Vision are each useful additions to any police department, but together they can make an even bigger difference.

To learn more about how these products work and how best to implement police video technology, contact L-3 Mobile-Vision today. You can reach us at (800) 336-8475.

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