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Study Finds Police Body-Worn Cameras Reduce Use of Force

Body-worn cameras are excellent tools for police officers because they protect law enforcement as well as the communities they serve. A recent study conducted by The Journal of Quantitative Criminology shows that this statement is true. Thanks to these new findings, it is clear that a body-worn camera will encourage officers to act according to protocol and make it more likely for suspects to cooperate with officers. The published study explains the... Read More

Use Police Video Technology to Create a Sophisticated System in Your Precinct

Police departments around the world are using increasingly advanced technology to fight crime and protect the communities they serve. Body-worn cameras, for instance, are being purchased and implemented at a very high rate. Equipment like a body camera can be a big asset to officers, but the full potential of these devices will not be realized without the assistance of other pieces of police video technology. In order to make your video surveillance... Read More

Body-Worn Camera Pilot Program Begins in NYC

The body-worn camera pilot program in New York City has begun, according to The program was announced earlier this year in the wake of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Body-worn cameras provide security for police officers and the communities that they are charged with protecting. Products like BodyVision from L-3 Mobile-Vision capture clear video that can act as evidence when there is confusion as to the events... Read More

NJ Lawmakers Propose Bill to Require Police Body Cameras

NJ Police Body Camera Bill A growing number of police departments around the country are adding body cameras for police to their inventory of law enforcement tools. In New Jersey, a bill was recently proposed that would require all county, state and municipal officers to wear police body cameras while on patrol. Legislation like this further demonstrates the growing support for body cameras and all police video recording technology. At L-3 Mobile-Vision,... Read More

Lightweight BodyVision Body-Worn Camera Gives Police an Edge

One of the arguments against police body-worn cameras has been the supposed inconvenience of using them in the field. However, as technology has improved over the years, so too has the body-worn camera. Law enforcement agencies have begun to adopt police video recording technology like the body-worn camera much in the way they adopted the dashboard camera in previous years. L-3 Mobile-Vision has been at the forefront of police technology and recording... Read More

Optimize Your Department’s In-Car Video System with PatrolScout

In-Car Video Systems Are vital to Your Department An in-car video system is a valuable tool for any police department, but basic systems may not meet your full expectations. The in-car video system by L-3 Mobile-Vision can be maximized with the addition of several high quality solutions. When used together, these complementary solutions bring out the real potential of in-car video systems . One of these products from L-3 Mobile-Vision is the PatrolScout. PatrolScout... Read More

Northern Illinois University Police Wearing Body Cameras

Body cameras are entering a new stage in the way they are used and who uses them. Local police departments are no longer the only institutions that see the utility in body cameras and other police video equipment. Body cameras have become so widely accepted that university police have begun utilizing the technology to keep students safe across the country. Northern Illinois University is just one of the many colleges that has begun equipping its campus... Read More

Florida Police Department in Need of Motorcycle Cameras, Turn to Body-Worn Cameras Instead

Police Officers in Brevard County, Fla. have been using video technology for years in the form of dashboard cameras, but when they wanted to expand the role of video in law enforcement they ran into a problem. The police department wanted to mount these dash cameras onto their motorcycles. However, they quickly realized that this was not possible with their in-car cameras. (Companies such as L-3 Mobile-Vision actually carry a specific motorcycle... Read More

Body-Worn Cameras Limit Liabilities for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is forever subject to potential civil liabilities and lawsuits, which need to be taken seriously. With the help of technology like body-worn cameras, law enforcement can take steps to reduce their liability. A recent study from the Office of Police Complaints in Washington D.C. shows that body-worn cameras can help improve police accountability, while cutting down on petty claims against law enforcement. Countless suits against law... Read More

Unimpeachable Evidence from Body-Worn Camera Reinforces Officer Testimony

Today, with technology at our society’s fingertips, people need to be cautious of their behavior, actions, and what they say – at all times. Politicians, elected officials, police officers, teachers, and many others who are looked up to have, as a result of their wrongdoings, been forced out of their position. While some people are annoyed with “Big Brother” always watching, others are grateful that video footage can help penalize people... Read More

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