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Florida Police Department in Need of Motorcycle Cameras, Turn to Body-Worn Cameras Instead

Police Officers in Brevard County, Fla. have been using video technology for years in the form of dashboard cameras, but when they wanted to expand the role of video in law enforcement they ran into a problem. The police department wanted to mount these dash cameras onto their motorcycles. However, they quickly realized that this was not possible with their in-car cameras. (Companies such as Mobile-Vision actually carry a specific motorcycle camera.)... Read More

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Unimpeachable Evidence from Body-Worn Camera Reinforces Officer Testimony

Today, with technology at our society’s fingertips, people need to be cautious of their behavior, actions, and what they say – at all times. Politicians, elected officials, police officers, teachers, and many others who are looked up to have, as a result of their wrongdoings, been forced out of their position. While some people are annoyed with “Big Brother” always watching, others are grateful that video footage can help penalize people... Read More

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