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Video Evidence Provides Protection from Lawsuits and Complaints

Over the past decade dashboard cameras and on body police equipment has flourished. Technology, such as Mobile-Vision’s digital in-car video dashboard camera the Flashback3 and L3’s body-worn video camera the VIEVU, have forever changed how police officers perform their daily tasks. Although some law enforcement agencies have the latest technology available, the media and the public continue to criticize the daily actions and tactics of police... Read More

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Crimes Decrease with Usage of In-Car Video Cameras

With state and local police cruisers equipped with video recording devices they are protecting themselves and the community they are in. Nationally, approximately 70 percent of state police and highway patrol have some sort of in-car video camera, like the Mobile-Vision Digital In-Car Video: Flashback3, installed in their vehicles. Across various countries, ordinary citizens and motorists have taken it upon themselves to purchase their own in-car... Read More

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Video from Dashboard Camera Paints a Concrete Picture of What Happened

On July 31, 2012 Assemblyman Paul Moriarty was dubbed a “bigwig” and viewed as a corrupt politician after he was arrested in Washington Township for driving recklessly and for driving drunk. Fortunately for Mr. Moriarty, a digital in-car video dashboard camera was installed inside the arresting police officer’s vehicle which provided proof that there was one major issue with his accusation, he was falsely accused. From the local newspapers... Read More

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Saved With a Little Luck And a New Dashboard Camera

A testimonial from one of our satisfied customers.. Dear Mobile-Vision, As a police officer, there are stories that stick with you forever. This is the story of how my newly installed Mobile-Vision digital in-car video Flashback3 dashboard camera system helped my squad locate a missing girl. It was in the middle of one of the hottest days of a heat wave when I got the call that a child, a young girl, had gone missing from a local swimming pool. Since... Read More

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Dashboard Cameras Overview

If you’re in the law enforcement first responder front line, your dashboard camera is one of your strongest assets in the field. The role of dashboard cameras These cameras, such as the L3 Mobile Vision Digital in-car video more popularly known as the Flashback3™, have a particularly important role in law enforcement. They provide instant continuity of information, defining issues involved in any incident, and giving an accurate picture of the... Read More

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What To Consider When Buying a Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular, with an enormous variety of devices existing in the market today. Dashboard cameras have other names such as car cameras, dashcams, car DVRs, or even accident recorders. Finding the best dashboard cameras for your vehicle requires making the right decision as to the best-suited model, as well as, the best ratings in specific price ranges. When considering what dashboard camera you are going to buy,... Read More

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