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Pittsburgh Police Chief Embracing Police Equipment and Technology

Crime rates in Pittsburgh, PA have been alarmingly high this year, especially in regard to the murder rate. As of mid-October 2014, the number of murders in Pittsburgh was at 59, already 13 deaths higher than all of 2013. Police equipment, including video technology and the systems used to collect and analyze data are integral to keeping communities around the country safe. Crime prevention hinges upon a department’s ability to track down criminals,... Read More

The Basics of Digital Evidence Management

Basics of Digital Evidence Management Though the managing of evidence is almost unquestionably one of law enforcement’s most critical tasks, it is a notoriously overwhelming task for many police agencies. Large quantities of digital evidence and lack of funding to properly manage those videos are to blame. With L-3 Mobile-Visions’ scalable Digital Evidence Management Solution every agency whether big or small, can benefit from proper digital evidence... Read More

Digital Evidence Management

It is increasingly the case that data is life. Everything has gone digital these days, and there’s no turning back from that. In law enforcement, the surest sign that this is so, is that these days every scrap of evidence collected is scanned, processed, cataloged and stored for use later. This, however, has presented new challenges. With so much raw data being collected and stored, the need for some central, overarching architecture to control... Read More

The Importance of Digital Evidence Management

Digital evidence management is something that all law enforcement officers should make use of. In this digital age, more information relating to numerous crimes is stored online. From data on Internet crimes to video surveillance footage; this crucial evidence needs to be handled sensitively and in an appropriate manner. The trouble is keeping on top of large amounts of digital evidence can sometimes be a nightmare. That’s when adequate management... Read More

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