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The Benefits of License Plate Recognition (LPR) Software

License plate recognition (LPR) software has come a long way in recent years. Initial software was not always accurate and led to many issues, but new and improved technology from companies like L-3 Mobile-Vision has changed the way law enforcement handles crime and even standard traffic stops. A license plate recognition system gives your officers the upper hand in the fight against crime thanks to the ability to track, record and store license plate... Read More

Study Finds Police Body-Worn Cameras Reduce Use of Force

Body-worn cameras are excellent tools for police officers because they protect law enforcement as well as the communities they serve. A recent study conducted by The Journal of Quantitative Criminology shows that this statement is true. Thanks to these new findings, it is clear that a body-worn camera will encourage officers to act according to protocol and make it more likely for suspects to cooperate with officers. The published study explains the... Read More

New Bill Would Establish Task Force to Study Body Cameras for Police in NJ

A new bill is being introduced that would create a task force that would in turn study the implementation of body cameras for police in the state of New Jersey. The introduction of this new bill comes after a backlash from groups like police unions and the ACLU to a different bill that would require almost all New Jersey police officers to wear body cameras. The bill was originally introduced in response to the deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri... Read More

Use Police Video Technology to Create a Sophisticated System in Your Precinct

Police departments around the world are using increasingly advanced technology to fight crime and protect the communities they serve. Body-worn cameras, for instance, are being purchased and implemented at a very high rate. Equipment like a body camera can be a big asset to officers, but the full potential of these devices will not be realized without the assistance of other pieces of police video technology. In order to make your video surveillance... Read More

Body-Worn Camera Pilot Program Begins in NYC

The body-worn camera pilot program in New York City has begun, according to The program was announced earlier this year in the wake of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Body-worn cameras provide security for police officers and the communities that they are charged with protecting. Products like BodyVision from L-3 Mobile-Vision capture clear video that can act as evidence when there is confusion as to the events... Read More

In-Car Cameras: Keeping Officers Safe

The single greatest value of an in-car camera is the positive impact that it has on officer safety. In addition, the video can speak for officers when officers cannot speak for themselves – a silent witness. Most in-car dashboard camera video recordings, which are now required by law in New Jersey, have resulted in accurate convictions; many provide an expedited means to resolve citizen complaints, exonerate officers from false accusations and serve... Read More

Optimize Your Department’s In-Car Video System with PatrolScout

In-Car Video Systems Are vital to Your Department An in-car video system is a valuable tool for any police department, but basic systems may not meet your full expectations. The in-car video system by L-3 Mobile-Vision can be maximized with the addition of several high quality solutions. When used together, these complementary solutions bring out the real potential of in-car video systems . One of these products from L-3 Mobile-Vision is the PatrolScout. PatrolScout... Read More

GW University Student Urges Campus Officers to Wear Police Body Cameras

Student Calls for Police Body Cameras The police body camera conversation, which has been growing in recent months, has spread to college campuses around the United States. At George Washington University, one student thinks that police body cameras would be a welcomed addition for students and officers alike. Junior Sarah Blugis, the contributing opinions editor at the independent student newspaper The Hatchet and daughter of a Pennsylvania lieutenant... Read More

Northern Illinois University Police Wearing Body Cameras

Body cameras are entering a new stage in the way they are used and who uses them. Local police departments are no longer the only institutions that see the utility in body cameras and other police video equipment. Body cameras have become so widely accepted that university police have begun utilizing the technology to keep students safe across the country. Northern Illinois University is just one of the many colleges that has begun equipping its campus... Read More

In-Car Police Camera Systems Capture Quality Video No Matter What

In-Car Police Camera Systems Capture Quality Video Officers won’t need to access footage from their in-car cameras every day – or even every week. However, when police officers do need that footage, they need to be able to trust in police camera systems that provide consistently high-quality video, regardless of the circumstances. Not all police camera systems provide quality footage in difficult situations. Some cameras can be affected by weather... Read More

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