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License Plate Recognition Can Help Your Town Stay Safe

Even in neighborhoods typically devoid of high crime rates, License Plate Recognition can be a huge asset. License Plate Recognition not only helps police solve crimes that have already been committed, but it also plays a big part in preventing crime from occurring in the first place. Towns and cities across the country have noticed a big difference in crime prevention thanks to License Plate Recognition technology. Don’t let your town fall behind... Read More

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Eric Garner Leads Conversation to Body-Worn Police Cameras

Body-Worn Police Cameras: Eric Garner When Eric Garner died of an apparent chokehold involving an NYPD officer on Staten Island in July, the incident was caught on camera. The city medical examiner ruled that Garner’s death was a homicide, thanks, in part, to the video footage. Tragedies like these are extreme examples of why outfitting police officers with video recording equipment is a necessity. In the case of Garner, the video was not taken... Read More

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New Mexico Police Realizing Importance of Mobile Recording Devices

Why Mobile Recording Devices are Important to Police in New Mexico As more video technology like the kind provided by Mobile-Vision becomes readily available to police departments around the country, officers in New Mexico are beginning to realize its true value. Justin Dunivan, Deputy Chief of the Las Cruces police department is particularly concerned with his officers’ ability to film everything that happens when on patrol. “The overall... Read More

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Police Video Recording Devices Needed in Cities Like L.A.

How Can Police Video Recording Devices Help Your Police Department? It happens all the time. An incident occurs between a police officer and a citizen committing a crime, but no one sees it. Or, there are various accounts of the same incident and it’s too difficult to say which party was at fault. But with the latest in police video recording devices, our police force has the advantage of concrete evidence even when none else exists. Unfortunately,... Read More

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How Body-Worn Police Cameras Could Have Helped in Ferguson

Preventing Another Ferguson: Body-Worn Police Cameras Ferguson, Missouri was a relatively unknown town prior to the recent incident between a police officer and the death of Michael Brown. What happened between the two is unclear, and the result has been an angry community turning against its police force, intense media coverage and debate over what actually happened. All that is known for certain is that Michael Brown was shot and killed. Although... Read More

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Give Officers an Advantage with Body-Worn Video Cameras

3 Advantages of Body-Worn Video Cameras Police officers keep us safe every day under all possible circumstances. Unfortunately, when conflicts occur police officers are sometimes left to defend themselves without the help of video evidence, and without its assistance, it can be nearly impossible to determine the actual series of events that occurred. One look at the news proves the point that police officers are in need of advanced video documentation.... Read More

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Crimes Decrease with Usage of In-Car Video Cameras

With state and local police cruisers equipped with video recording devices they are protecting themselves and the community they are in. Nationally, approximately 70 percent of state police and highway patrol have some sort of in-car video camera, like the Mobile-Vision Digital In-Car Video: Flashback3, installed in their vehicles. Across various countries, ordinary citizens and motorists have taken it upon themselves to purchase their own in-car... Read More

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Unimpeachable Evidence from Body-Worn Camera Reinforces Officer Testimony

Today, with technology at our society’s fingertips, people need to be cautious of their behavior, actions, and what they say – at all times. Politicians, elected officials, police officers, teachers, and many others who are looked up to have, as a result of their wrongdoings, been forced out of their position. While some people are annoyed with “Big Brother” always watching, others are grateful that video footage can help penalize people... Read More

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Video from Dashboard Camera Paints a Concrete Picture of What Happened

On July 31, 2012 Assemblyman Paul Moriarty was dubbed a “bigwig” and viewed as a corrupt politician after he was arrested in Washington Township for driving recklessly and for driving drunk. Fortunately for Mr. Moriarty, a digital in-car video dashboard camera was installed inside the arresting police officer’s vehicle which provided proof that there was one major issue with his accusation, he was falsely accused. From the local newspapers... Read More

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What To Look For In A Body-Worn Video Camera

Many people are interested in buying a body-worn video camera such as L3 Mobile Vision’s VIEVU™ . This device has a lot of potential uses, depending on the end-user’s goals. You can use this device hands-free, it allows you to record both audio and video, no matter where you are, and it’s inconspicuous. This device can help all users record everything from important events to illegal behavior easily and without being detected. While... Read More

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