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State-of-the-Art License Plate Recognition System

A testimonial from an apologetic lawbreaker.. Dear Mobile-Vision,  When I first got to this country from Brazil, I didn’t quite understand all the rules, especially the road rules and regulations. You see, in my country we don’t drive much, at least where I’m from in the northern part of Brazil. And, the fact is, those who do drive don’t really follow any road rules. They drive as if there weren’t any, so when I got behind a wheel here... Read More

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Five Ways That License Plate Recognition Systems Improve Police Patrols

There has been a great deal of controversy as a result of the effort to fit more police cars with software systems that will improve cameras and make them able to recognize license plates. In turn, the license plate information will be ran through the Department of Motor Vehicles and then returned with any recent violations or other reasons that the driver of the car should not be on the road. Here we will take a look at five different ways that license... Read More

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AlertVU Helps Officers Do Their Job

Having the right tools to do your job is one thing, but what if these same tools are able to help you assist other colleagues in doing their job as well? While it might seem farfetched, license plate recognition technology like the Mobile-Vision AlertVU™ License Plate Recognition is capable of doing all that and more. Day to day operations Using AlertVU on a daily basis is incredibly refreshing. Instead of spending your time manually keying in... Read More

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License Plate Recognition Technology Saves Lives

When you’re on the job, it’s important to maintain a strong level of situational awareness at all times. One of the biggest problems that many members of the law enforcement community face today is that it’s simply too hard to maintain an optimal level of situational awareness while simultaneously performing other essential duties like scanning the license plates of suspicious vehicles. For this reason, license plate recognition software such... Read More

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License Plate Recognition Systems

The License Plate Recognition System (LPRS) is now everywhere. It’s a core operational need, and it’s universal. The good news for law enforcement is that the new systems are a big advance on their predecessors. The new systems including the L3 Mobile Vision license plate recognition system called the AlertVU™ are designed to be reliable, provide fast access, and also work with law enforcement and registry systems. That was a real problem... Read More

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