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License Plate Recognition Can Help Your Town Stay Safe

Even in neighborhoods typically devoid of high crime rates, License Plate Recognition can be a huge asset. License Plate Recognition not only helps police solve crimes that have already been committed, but it also plays a big part in preventing crime from occurring in the first place. Towns and cities across the country have noticed a big difference in crime prevention thanks to License Plate Recognition technology. Don’t let your town fall behind... Read More

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Florida Police Department in Need of Motorcycle Cameras, Turn to Body-Worn Cameras Instead

Police Officers in Brevard County, Fla. have been using video technology for years in the form of dashboard cameras, but when they wanted to expand the role of video in law enforcement they ran into a problem. The police department wanted to mount these dash cameras onto their motorcycles. However, they quickly realized that this was not possible with their in-car cameras. (Companies such as Mobile-Vision actually carry a specific motorcycle camera.)... Read More

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Massachusetts Police Department Considering Body-Worn Police Cameras

Worcester, Mass. Police Department Discussing Body-Worn Police Cameras The Worcester, Massachusetts police department is next in a growing line of police departments to turn its attention to body-worn police cameras. The department has decided to at least discuss the possibility of a pilot program for body-worn police cameras. The discussion of body-worn police cameras has grown in the wake of the death of Michael Brown in Missouri. Cities like New... Read More

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Why Mobile Digital Video Backup is A Necessity

Mobile Digital Video Backup: An Overview Most people know that backing up important video footage is essential considering the delicate nature of digital video. Video documentation that is exposed to extreme temperatures or the elements may be damaged or totally destroyed. In order to prevent the catastrophe of losing a valuable piece of stored information, it is obviously important to back up the information on a regular basis and store multiple... Read More

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Police Video Recording Devices Needed in Cities Like L.A.

How Can Police Video Recording Devices Help Your Police Department? It happens all the time. An incident occurs between a police officer and a citizen committing a crime, but no one sees it. Or, there are various accounts of the same incident and it’s too difficult to say which party was at fault. But with the latest in police video recording devices, our police force has the advantage of concrete evidence even when none else exists. Unfortunately,... Read More

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