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Police Officers in Brevard County, Fla. have been using video technology for years in the form of dashboard cameras, but when they wanted to expand the role of video in law enforcement they ran into a problem.

The police department wanted to mount these dash cameras onto their motorcycles. However, they quickly realized that this was not possible with their in-car cameras. (Companies such as Mobile-Vision actually carry a specific motorcycle camera.) Instead, they tried using their body-worn cameras for police officers to fill their needs. Body-worn cameras are definitely an advantage for officers, especially when on foot, but CycleVision by Mobile-Vision is designed specifically for use with motorcycles.

CycleVision works great for motorcycle patrolmen as well as with watercraft. Its waterproof design does well in all weather and helps officers capture quality video no matter the circumstances. Take it through puddles, rain and extreme wind or over rocky roads; the sturdy CycleVision absorbs shocks so that it won’t get damaged easily. It also includes a 3.5-inch color LCD monitor and a sunshield for visibility and protection against glare. The wide-angle lens captures a larger field of vision than other products to ensure better evidence-capturing potential.

Body-worn cameras are also very helpful, but should be used in conjunction with products like CycleVision in order to get the full range of capabilities from each device. Body-worn cameras such as VIEVU are better suited for on-foot interactions. VIEVU is incredibly helpful in all types of situations that occur on foot and away from the officer’s vehicle. Officers can enlist the assistance of VIEVU in order to verify accounts and collect evidence.

Police departments should be aware of the positives that video recording technology creates. Not only does it protect officers from physical harm as well as protect them from false claims, but it ensures better police accountability. The benefits from products like VIEVU and CycleVision can give your police department the edge it needs.

“We go out there every single day and we try our best, and a lot of times we do receive a complaint, especially in the traffic division,” said West Melbourne Police Motorcycle Officer Ted Salem in an article by “So I think, you know, in my memory it’s going to be a good reminder to turn the camera on. Because again, anything I see, you’re going to see exactly as it happens.”

Officers will have greater peace of mind when dealing with complaints of all kinds. Domestic issues can be especially tricky to handle, but VIEVU gives an officer the upper hand.

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If your police department would like to give all its officers an advantage, including motorcycle patrolmen, then take a look at CycleVision. It was designed to be more rugged and specifically for the unique needs of motorcycle patrolmen.

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