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Even in neighborhoods typically devoid of high crime rates, License Plate Recognition can be a huge asset. License Plate Recognition not only helps police solve crimes that have already been committed, but it also plays a big part in preventing crime from occurring in the first place. Towns and cities across the country have noticed a big difference in crime prevention thanks to License Plate Recognition technology. Don’t let your town fall behind the times.

One town successfully using License Plate Recognition technology is Tiburon, California.

“[Preventing crime] is where the big returns are,” said Mike Cronin, the police chief of the neighboring town of Tiburon, according to

Crime in Tiburon has dropped 33 percent since the addition of License Plate Recognition technology. Publicizing the town’s use of License Plate Recognition upon the entrance of their community has helped keep criminals away from their community as well as neighboring communities.

The residents of Belvedere, which shares a border with Tiburon, enjoy living in a safe community that relies on just six police officers. They are able to maintain a small police force partly because Tiburon has implemented License Plate Recognition. Simply having a nearby town with License Plate Recognition technology helped crime rates drop in their own town. However, a small recent jump in crime has the city thinking that investing in License Plate Recognition would be a good way to keep crime rates down.

License Plate Recognition provides a simple solution to many different complex problems. AlertVU from Mobile-Vision uses state-of-the-art multi-process License Plate Recognition technology to process multiple license plates concurrently for easy recognition. This ability to process multiple plates at once ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Keeping your communities safe is Mobile-Vision’s mission, and AlertVU is just one of the ways that to accomplish that task.

Towns across the country are greatly improving the safety of their citizens by using License Plate Recognition to track cars that come in and out of their communities. Preventing crime from occurring can be more difficult than tracking down criminals after the fact. However, License Plate Recognition gives officers the ability to know exactly who is coming in and out of their jurisdiction. If someone has a warrant out for their arrest, License Plate Recognition will alert officers of their presence.

Pair License Plate Recognition with In-Car Video to gather evidence and make the jobs of your officers simpler and safer. Constant scanning by License Plate Recognition technology observes and alerts officers when someone is “wanted” by authorities or when a car has been stolen.

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