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Worcester, Mass. Police Department Discussing Body-Worn Police Cameras

The Worcester, Massachusetts police department is next in a growing line of police departments to turn its attention to body-worn police cameras. The department has decided to at least discuss the possibility of a pilot program for body-worn police cameras.

The discussion of body-worn police cameras has grown in the wake of the death of Michael Brown in Missouri. Cities like New York, which is also dealing with its own similar controversies, have already green-lighted the use of body-worn police cameras in a pilot program.

The police department of Worcester has taken notice. While some departments around the country have been forced into video technology for police, Worcester’s interest in body-worn police cameras was not demanded by a court order. More departments around the country need to take note of the benefits of body-worn police cameras the way Worcester’s police department is.

Body-Worn Police Cameras Provide Protection for Officers

Body-worn police cameras and other police video equipment help an officer in the field when he or she needs it most. Officers don’t need to worry about potentially false claims when they are equipped with the best video technology in the industry. Mobile-Vision is dedicated to the security of police officers and the citizens they protect on a daily basis. Thankfully, police departments around the country are beginning to realize the necessity of products like VIEVU, the body-worn police camera.

“I think it’s something that any large police department needs to review so we fully understand the technology, the cost and whether it is beneficial to serving a community,” Worcester Police Chief Gary J. Gemme said, according to “We want to stay proactive on what technology is out there.”

Benefits of VIEVU

VIEVU provides police departments with the best possible advantage when it comes to collecting video evidence. Its design makes VIEVU ideal for police work. It has a sleek design that is lightweight and fits easily into a shirt pocket. Simply slide the lens protector on to capture video in real time and store it easily and securely.

VIEVU avoids time wasting with written reports and minimizes liabilities and concerns among the general public.

“In society today there is a lot of video surveillance everywhere, but in those police high intensity/low frequency events, cameras might be most valuable,” Chief Gemme added.

High-intensity situations are not desirable in any scenario, but when they do arise, VIEVU can help control the risks. Having a body-worn police camera during a domestic dispute case or in a similar scenario when officers are required to enter a home can make a big difference. Officers are often required to diffuse situations and the VIEVU can help facilitate that process.

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