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NYPD Interested in Uses for Body-Worn Cameras

Video can be a valuable instrument for police officers and the communities in which they serve. New York City recently acknowledged this when a federal judge ruled last year that the NYPD must test body-worn cameras for police in certain precincts.

New York police commissioner Bill Bratton is welcoming the federal judge’s ruling. He knows the value of body-worn cameras for police. Not only do they act as a police precaution, but they can also shed light on evidence to help verify accounts of incidents by police officers.

“It’s a technology that’s needed in America,” he told reporters last week.

NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis also believes officers will welcome a chance to be outfitted with their own body-worn cameras for police.

“It has the ability to help cops,” by providing a recording of an entire encounter rather than “that 20-second iPhone clip which by its nature doesn’t start until, in someone’s mind, the cop starts doing something wrong.”

In a world where you have the potential of being filmed at any moment, it’s important to protect yourself from doctored or slanted video footage. Incidents are often taken out of context and only show footage intended to portray police officers in a negative light. But with their own cameras, police officers will be able to show the entire story.

The NYPD, the largest police department in the country, will be outfitting 50 total officers in five of the 76 precincts in New York City. Hopefully this number will grow with a successful pilot program.

Police officers should not have to worry about being portrayed incorrectly. With a body-worn camera for police, the truth will be told every time. Body-worn cameras for police are entirely objective, unlike eyewitness accounts that can be swayed by emotion.

VIEVU provides exactly what the NYPD is hoping their body-worn cameras for police pilot program will accomplish.  VIEVU offers hands-free high quality video and audio to promote accountability of officers and regular citizens. Restore confidence and protect your community and police department with VIEVU.

VIEVU also improves efficiency and cuts down on time wasted with written reports. Video evidence is an officer’s best tool in the field.

Some of the features of VIEVU include color video with improved low-light capability and enhanced image quality, environmentally friendly technology, and it’s completely waterproof. When officers are in the field, they can’t afford to deal with shoddy equipment and camera malfunctions. They need a product that is as field-ready as they are.

If body-worn cameras for police can work for the NYPD, they can work for any community. Don’t think that this technology is only good for urban environments either. Every police department should seriously consider body-worn cameras for police.  But don’t wait around for a court order.

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