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How Can Police Video Recording Devices Help Your Police Department?

It happens all the time. An incident occurs between a police officer and a citizen committing a crime, but no one sees it. Or, there are various accounts of the same incident and it’s too difficult to say which party was at fault. But with the latest in police video recording devices, our police force has the advantage of concrete evidence even when none else exists.

Unfortunately, not all police departments around the country have purchased enough equipment to help keep their officers safe from wrongful accusations as well as instill confidence in their communities.

Reduce Incidents

Los Angeles was recently the site of one such incident in which a man was shot and killed by an officer after a brief struggle. The officer said that the man attempted to grab his gun at which time the officer used his backup weapon to fire. However, some accounts from individuals living in that neighborhood differ greatly from the officer’s story.

This is not a unique situation. Similar “controversial” shootings occur often enough to make the answer obvious. Departments around the country need more police video recording devices. Otherwise, events such as the one that occurred in L.A. will continue to take place.

Protection for Officers

Protect your officers. Return confidence to your citizens. Purchase police video recording devices from Mobile-Vision.

“I sure wish the in-car cameras had been put in that car by now,” Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff told the LA Times.

If you are interested in in-car cameras for police cruisers, take a look at the FlashbackHD and the Flashback3. Both offer state-of-the-art video for recording inside and outside the vehicle.

Police Recording Devices for Any Situation

Los Angeles currently has in-car cameras in just 300 cars and one precinct. They plan on expanding in-car cameras to all 1,600 cruisers by 2016.

However, not all situations call for only an in-car camera. Many times officers are forced to move far enough away from their vehicles that they are no longer being filmed. Police departments should also be aware of body-worn cameras for situations that call for officers to move on foot. VIEVU, which can be purchased at Mobile-Vision, can take care of all of your issues away from an officer’s vehicle. It’s important to be prepared for any environment.

But in this particular case, the FlashbackHD would have certainly been enough to provide enough evidence to ensure accuracy. Not only are the images clearer, but the camera has a 360 degree turn radius and a much larger field of vision than any other in-car camera. Nothing is more important to us than providing protection through video capturing technology.


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