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Testimonials: Why People Love VIEVU

The most trustworthy sources of a product review is not from the manufacturer but from the consumers – people just like you. If you are considering purchasing VIEVU, just take a look at the statements below to learn how people are reacting:

Second Nature

“We are in an age where monitoring of activities, either by law enforcement or those we deal with, has become second nature. How many times have we seen a bad police situation end up on YouTube? Many citizens are recording, so why aren’t we?”

— Trevor Whipple, Chief of Police, South Burlington, Vermont


“Our officers used the VIEVU during a recent homicide investigation. The video statements taken of several witnesses were very powerful. Our prosecutor has told us that those video statements of the witnesses at the scene have provided them with a very strong case.”

— David Hall, Chief of Police, Croswell, Michigan


“Going on patrol without my VIEVU is like going out without my radio! I’ve come to depend on it and consider it as indispensable as any other piece of equipment I carry.”

— Officer G. Hanson, Texas


“I think the smartest piece of equipment an officer can carry, other than a firearm, is your device.”

— Ret. Sgt. Ron McCarthy, LAPD SWAT


The testimonies listed above are great indicators of what VIEVU can do for a police department. Purchase your VIEVU here.

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